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Our experienced pre-press staff at Schusters' Printing can both create original designs and work with files provided by our clients.  Below you will find helpful information to ensure proper production of your designs and some common challenges encountered with digital files.  


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either Mel or Jennifer for further assistance, 719-543-9367 or


  1. Not enough graphic/scan or images to meet bleed requirements.

  2. Unsupported file formats.

  3. Book pages set up as one double-sized page in spreads for reading.

  4. CMYK color builds used in place of proper spot colors.

  5. Spot colors produced in two different versions (i.e. PMS 185C and PMS 185U)

  6. RGB graphics for full color work, rather than CMYK graphics.

  7. Digital files do NOT match the supplied laser or PDF files.

  8. Low resolution graphics supplied instead of high resolution files.

  9. Missing FONTS.

  10. Missing supporting graphics. (i.e. any linked files imported into your document)

Graphic Formats: .AI, .EPS, .TIFF or .PDF formats.  Images should be at least 300 dpi or higher.  Any images provided with less than 300 dpi may result in blurry, pixelated final products. ALL photos will be converted to CMYK before going to press.  To ensure that the colors in your photo reproduce correctly, we suggest converting all images to CMYK color space PRIOR to submission.

Fonts:  PostScript or TrueType fonts accepted.  Please be sure to include all fonts used in your projects.  Missing fonts can result in incorrect reproduction.

Bleeds:  1/8" (.125) beyond the document edge is required for all projects with a bleeding image.


Margins: Please make sure that no critical text or graphics fall within .125" of the edge of the sheet, with the exception of images that bleed.

Software: (If you do not see the application that you are using on the list below, please contact us to ensure compatibility.)

       Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud (downward compatible with earlier versions of InDesign and Adobe PageMaker)
       Adobe Ilustrator Creative Cloud
       Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud
       Adobe Acrobat Professional

       Adobe InDesign CS2 (downward compatible with earlier versions of InDesign and Adobe PageMaker)
       Adobe Illustrator CS2
       Adobe Photoshop CS2
       Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional
       Microsoft Publisher 2002

PLEASE INCLUDE: Hard copies of the final piece.  Hard copy color representations are strongly recommended for proper color matching.  Please provide a mock-up demonstrating all folds, perforations, scores, die cutting and numbering.

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